PCBs from DirtyPCB.com

Back in April, or March, Dangerous Prototypes (DP) opened a PCB service, that is just like Elecrow – free colour, except DP has nothing to do with the manufacturing, they just send your Gerber to some Chinese board house, where your boards would get manufactured, if your design meets their capabilities.

For one of my ThinkPad keyboard PCB revisions, I decided to try these guys out. At 14USD, they offer free colour and free shipping. However, I’m sure shipping is already included in that 14 bucks. Elecrow shipping was $6.5 on top of their $9.90 per 10 boards price, works out to be around $16. So DirtyPCB wins, in terms of pricing.

Both services take about a month and a few more days to account for non-business weekend days. So in term of shipping, they’re both the same. Thus, DirtyPCB still wins because it’s cheaper.

Now, this revision of mine is consisted of 8mil (thou) traces, 0.3mm via drills, 0.5mm fine pitch SMD components, 0603 passive components and a QFN with tiny plated through holes on its pad for better solder transfer.

Let’s have a look at one of the PCBs that arrived today (Look at that superb layout!):


Except for that serial number at top left, everything else looks great! Connections wise, no shorts that I can find so far. All that’s left is to start soldering with a lovely stencil I got from OSHStencils, load the firmware and see how it goes!


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