ThinkClamp – short project update

Finally got some spare time yesterday to solder the new PCB revision and it works well, some better than anticipated. I’ve found one or two PCB errors. Nothing major though, it’s all working well enough.

I decided not to solder on the reset buttons as a slide between the ON and OFF positions of the slide switch would effectively reset the entire board.

Soldered board with MSP430F5502 and HM-10

Soldered board with MSP430F5502 and HM-10

Now it’s time for some programming. With a USB-enabled microcontroller, this board would eventually support both USB and Bluetooth functionality, preferably with the same firmware flashed. I’ve decided to use the HM-10 with my custom firmware instead of using a RN42-HID module so I can further improve the firmware.

Update: There might be a minor problem with the LiPo charger in which the battery voltage may jitter when a battery is not connected. This caused a bit of a random enumeration/disconnection problem. However, if a battery is connected to the battery output pins, the board seems to work fine. The USB microcontroller enumerates with no problems at all. For now, I’ve soldered on a single-cell battery pack so that I may get on to write the firmware.


5 thoughts on “ThinkClamp – short project update

  1. Hello!

    Wonderful work you’ve accomplished. In the hands of the ones who appreciate TP keyboard, This information is godsend.

    I see that you have stopped selling the boards on tindie. Would you happen to have more?

    Thank you so much for all the work you’ve done for the project, and sharing it.


    1. Hi, I’m swarmed so not right now unfortunately but in the near future maybe. I’ve got some new PCB revisions that are yet to be soldered and programmed.

      1. I would be interested to buy [at least] one as well. May be you could do a kickstarter project to arrange a mass production? 🙂 Otherwise please let us know once any new boards become available. Thank you!

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