ThinkClamp Bluetooth project ceased

I’ve decided to stop working on the ThinkPad keyboard adapter with Bluetooth support. It’s taking too much time and the work is repetitive. I’ll probably just add UART to my USB board, add in a LiPo charger and modify the firmware a bit. It’s possibly not going to be energy efficient compared to using interrupts on the keyboard inputs and the TrackPoint clock line.

Also, prices for MSP430 parts are jacking up. It’s simply not economical to use them anymore. I’ll switch to ARM Cortex-M0+, like Freescale KL2x series.

Thus, here’s the schematic to the ThinkClamp PCB v0.8. I hope it helps you with your future endeavor with building a keyboard & TrackPoint adapter.

Update: It’s been 2 years since the project completed, may as well share the schematics. Sad news though, I can only find v0.6.2 on hard disk: ThinkClamp v0.6.2.

As for folks who would want to build a case, I’ve made a 3D model of the ThinkPad T60 keyboard: Grabcad.


2 thoughts on “ThinkClamp Bluetooth project ceased

  1. I wish you would consider ramping up production on your Thinkpad Arduino adapters + prebuilt PCB. I would gladly fund it and purchase several immediately.

    1. I’ve moved on from the T60 keyboard. I much prefer ThinkPad island-style keyboards nowadays. I’ve been thinking of making a Bluetooth+USB board for T440 keyboard and/or E525 keyboard. They uses FFCs so project budget would be a lot less costly.

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