All I Want for Christmas is You

Celebrating this year Christmas, I searched for a Christmas song to learn on the guitar and my favourite was John Morrison’s arrangement of “All I Want for Christmas is You”.

I find it much easier to learn a piece with both notation and tab, and since John was nice enough to provide photos hand-written tab in another video, a score with both tabs and notation – All I Want for Christmas is You – Full Score was made.

Merry Christmas folks!


Machinarium The End – The Transcription

Machinarium screenshot - Robot at the bar

Screenshot from the Machinarium game

I was playing Machinarium on my iPad a while ago and I noticed this song when the robot was in the bar. It has a lead guitar, accompanied by percussion and bass, and it has a lovely bossa nova feel to it. After a few fruitless Google search around, I decided to transcribe the piece. Four months in, and it’s fruitful! Here’s a preview of the transcription. I’m a classical guitar player. Bossa Nova rhythm and harmonies aren’t exactly my thing so there will be a few places that sounds ‘off’, but if you just learn the basic chords and wing it, you can certainly get the result you want. Personally, I never stick to the score anyway.

You can get the PDF score here and the MIDI file here. (Recording: If anyone knows how to embed Sibelius Scorch onto WordPress, please do tell me. Enjoy!